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A Healing Conversation with


Raida Juan

War Survivor, Refugee, New Canadian

A Compelling Testimony of


The Power of God Working in my Life

Join Raida for a discussion of the powerful ways God showed his miraculous protection, guidance and provision!


The Power of God Working in My Life

My name is Raida Juan, a war survivor, refugee and an immigrant. God loves me so much but His love, mercy and grace has been present  throughout my life without me taking notice at the time.

The most significant events that have blown my mind were during the war in my country, Sudan.  The enemies who sought to kill us were very close, separated only by a river.  By Godís grace they did not see us and we were able to exit safely.

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"For a Time Such as This"

Her testimony is the first one.  

"Iím sharing my story so that anyone who is struggling to believe and trust in our wonderful God for everything may draw strength and be inspired to do so.   Please be encouraged to seek Him.  God is not a respecter of persons... what He has done for me... He can do you!"

Raida Juan lives in Calgary and is studying for a degree.  She attends St Luke's Anglican in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,