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OSL Region 8

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Our  Mission Statement

WE BELIEVE God uses many agencies for healing - some are spiritual such as prayer, love, faith, anointing with oil and the laying on of hands, some are medical such as medicine, surgery and psychology.  These agencies should be supportive of one another.   We also believe God's desire for us is wholeness and health, and that Christian healing is accomplished through faith in Christ and through subjecting one's entire life to the scrutiny and counsel of God. We believe Jesus Christ lives today and He still possesses all power on earth as in Heaven.

OUR OBJECTIVES include promoting the restoration of the Apostolic practice of healing as taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ, promoting a sound pastoral and counselling ministry, promoting the practice of holding healing services in every church, and developing local chapters to promote healing missions, workshops and prayer groups in their areas.  

PRAYER FOR THE ORDER OF ST LUKE:  Almighty God, who inspired Luke the Physician to proclaim the love and healing power of your Son, give your Church by the grace of the Spirit and the medicine of the Gospel, the same love and power to heal, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, now and forever.



The International Order of St. Luke The Physician (OSL) is the outgrowth of the Fellowship of St. Luke which was begun in 1932 by the late John Gayner Banks, S.T.D., priest of the Episcopal Church.  It was incorporated under the laws of the State of California in 1953.  Professional people in all phases of medical work, clergy in the Roman, Orthodox, and Protestant Churches, and lay people from all walks of life comprise the membership of more than 7,000 at time of writing.  A common denominator is the conviction that the healing ministry of Christ belongs in the Church today. 


How To Become A Member

Laity and clergy are invited to join the Order of St. Luke and participate in furthering the healing ministry of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  You may join in two ways... online and by mailPlease visit http://www.orderofstluke.org/content/join-osl

Associate Member    

To become a member, complete an application form for Associate Membership and mail with dues to the International office in San Antonio, Texas.   Associate Members receive  a one year subscription to SHARING Magazine -published 10 times a year, a certificate of Associate Membership, copy of the Handbook of Christian Healing, a set of work sheets for  Bible Studies on "The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ", and a list of books for required reading.  Sudying the Healings of Jesus is required, and  can be completed in a chapter setting or own your own with help from chapter members or the Lone Members support team (see Region 8 Council below) 

Full Member

To achieve Full Membership in the Order, an Associate Member is required to read three books from the list of recommended books included in the Associate package, and complete the studies on "The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ".  The Associate is then inducted as Full Member, and is entitled to wear the Order's Medallion and Pin.


Associate and Full Members are inducted into the Order at OSL chapter meetings or conferences by a Chaplain of the Order. Chaplains are inducted by the Regional Warden at chapter meetings or at regional, North American or international conferences.



By the help of God, members are asked to:  pray daily for the work of the Order; read daily from the Gospels; seek such health of mind and body as will make one capable of a maximum vocation; cultivate whatever gifts or talents God has given for the work of healing, through study and active service; take Communion regularly; share the Healing Gospel with others by circulating SHARING Magazine; and to contribute to the work of the Order according to ability.  

The Emblem of The Order 

The OSL motto inscribed in Latin on the cross

Jesu Esto Mihi Jesus - Dux - Lux - Rex - Lex  

"O Jesus be to me my Saviour (Healer), my Leader, my Light, my King, and my Law"


The Newsletter

The Newsletter is published by  Region 8 Council, and is mailed twice a year, Spring and FallIt seeks to inform and encourage those interested in the healing ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  To receive the Newsletter at no cost please advise the editor(at)oslregion8.org   Individual copies or bundles of 5 or 10 are available upon request.              

Stories of healing, teaching on prayer, pastoral care and the ministry of healing in general are a blessing and encouragement to others and are always welcome.  

contact the editor, Keith Bird, by email at editor(at)oslregion8.org Deadline for copy is March 15th for the spring/summer issue and October 15th for the fall/winter issue.



OSL members are available to visit your church or group meeting to share more about the ministry of healing and discuss the Order of St. Luke's work and activities.  For more information contact the Regional Director, The Rev. Ron Vanauken at vanauken(at)rogers.com



Trained individual members of OSL or a ministry team are available to visit your church or prayer group to share more about the healing ministry and the work of OSL.  They are also prepared to support you at every stage of planning and executing a Healing Ministry Training Weekend or to participate with you, if you wish, in a healing event.   For more information, contact the Regional Director, The Rev. Ron Vanauken at vanauken(at)rogers.com



Each chapter is encouraged to hold an annual mission or conference as an outreach to the community, and features a keynote speaker and workshop leaders.  Most conferences run Friday night and all day Saturday.  Some chapters hold a one-day mission, with teaching on healing and prayer ministry. 

Region 8 holds its Annual Conference, the first weekend in June each year.  The conference provides teaching and building up of all members, and the ministry of healing to all.  Regional conferences usually run Friday night and all day Saturday.  The location rotates throughout Ontario each year to give members equal opportunity to attend a nearby event.

The North American Conference is held every year during the third week in June and runs for 4 days, Wednesday through Saturday.  Location changes each year throughout North America.  

The first international Conference was held in June, 1997 in Washington, D.C., the second in Australia, 2001, and the following one in the United Kingdom 2005. 

All conferences and missions include a healing service with Holy Communion, anointing with oil, and laying on of hands.  New members and chaplains are also inducted at this time.   Recognized leaders in the ministry of healing lead these events as keynote speakers and workshop leaders.  


Planning a Mission or Conference   

Chapters interested in previewing speakers can contact the OSL Canadian Resource Centre for a list of video and audio tapes of conference and mission speakers.  A local Christian book store or wholesale provider will often provide and staff a book table for your event, and give a percentage of the sales to your chapter.   For more information send inquiries to the editor(at)oslregion8.org



If your prayer group or church has an interest in starting a chapter of the Order of St. Luke, please contact the Regional Director, The Rev. Ron Vanauken at vanauken(at)rogers.com

Help in organizing your chapter and in arranging for a visit from the Regional Warden or Area Chaplain can be arranged.   A ministry team is also available to give leadership for a weekend conference or one-day mission. 



The International Order of St. Luke The Physician

Office Manager: Mrs. Julabeth Carden, P O Box 780909, San Antonio, TX 78278 email OSL2@satx.rr.com .

SHARING Magazine

SHARING is the official magazine of the Order of St. Luke and is published 10 times a year.  SHARING is nice way of sharing your faith with someone special, and makes an excellent gift.   A one-year subscription to Sharing is $12.00 US.  Bulk subscriptions are available ($30 for a bundle of 5, $45 for a bundle of 10).  Many members place copies in their doctor's waiting room, church literature rack, and give to others.   To subscribe contact Mrs. Julabeth Carscaden at the business office osl@satx.rr.com

To submit a story of healing for consideration for publication or to advertise your OSL event contact SHARING Magazine



Donations are welcome at any time; income tax receipts for amounts over $10 are mailed in January.  Please make your gift payable to OSL Region 8, and address to the treasurer whose name and address are shown on the Region 8 Council page.  Your support for the work of OSL in Ontario is most appreciated; thank you! 



Region 8 is designated as the Province of Ontario, in Canada.  For all inquiries, please contact The Regional Warden or any member in your area listed on Region 8 Council


Click Directory to view a listing of chapters and contacts in Ontario.