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The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences:

You Don't Have to Die to Experience Your True Home


Rev Matt Linn with brother Dennis and his wife, Sheila

Guest Speakers

January 21, 2018  

The special 90-minute presentation

will begin at the usual time of 4:00 pm Eastern

and end at 5:30

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ear-death experiences are common, similar within all faith traditions, and have been carefully studied and documented.  Those who have not had them can "catch" their healing power simply by immersing themselves in accounts of NDEs.  This presentation will focus on how all of us can integrate the loving and healing message of NDEs into our lives.

 Dennis, Sheila & Matt Linn work together as a team, integrating physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness, previously as hospital chaplains and therapists and currently in leading retreats and spiritual companioning.  They have taught courses on processes for healing in over fifty countries and in many universities and hospitals, including a course to doctors accredited by the American Medical Association.  They are the authors of twenty-three books, including Healing of Memories, Healing Lifeís Hurts, Healing the Eight Stages of Life, Good Goats, Sleeping with Bread, and Donít Forgive Too Soon, as well as two books for children and those who care for them.  These books have sold over a million copies in English and have been translated into more than twenty languages.  Their most recent book is The Gifts of Near Death Experiences.

 Dennis and Sheila live in Colorado with their son, John.  Matt lives in a Jesuit community in Minnesota.

 "Our purpose is to support personal growth and the evolution of our planet by integrating spirituality, psychology and science in ways that empower all of us to heal personal and social wounds and discover our unique gifts for carrying out the special purpose of our lives. Our ministry is committed to the nonviolent resolution of personal and social conflicts, care for the earth, gender and racial equality, economic justice, and respect for all faith traditions. Our roots are in Ignatian spirituality, which emphasizes finding the presence of the mystery we call God in all things."

Members of the Linn Team are noted authors and popular leaders for international healing events.  The Linns are past keynote speakers and workshop leaders for The International Order of St Luke the Physician North American Conferences.

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Matt Linn S.J., Sheila Fabricant Linn, M.Div., Dennis Linn, M.Div.

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